Monday, June 1, 2009

True Love : Love Or Lust

Many people are confused between love and lust. A relationship which is built solely on lust only will not last long. When choosing the right mate for your relationship, physical attraction is not the most important factor you need to consider.

Love and lust are easily confused because they are so much alike. Couples, who are in relationship, where they do not share common interest at all other than overwhelming physical desire for one another, may be just lust.

If a couple does not enjoy one another company unless they are having sex, it may also be lust after all. True love does consist more than all these things.

A couple who is truly in love will not care about the activity they are having, because they simply enjoy each other company. They share common interest and share similar ethics and morals. They find it easy to talk to one another about anything under the sun and are able to discuss any conflicts openly without losing their tempers.

Most long-term relationship are built on strong friendship which turn into love over a period of time. Sex in not the main driving force behind a long lasting relationship, although having it just makes the whole deal sweeter.

There are a few questions that you can ask yourself, be it whether you are a man or woman, to determine whether your feeling towards the other is actually love or lust just. Read them slowly and answer each of them truthfully :

1. Do you share common interest, morals and ethics?

2. Do you really care for his or her safety and happiness?

3. When in a conflict, are you able to talk to the other person in a very open, calm and frank discussion without losing your temper?

4. Can you talk to him or her about anything under the sun? Or is it just always sweet talk and sex?

5. Do you enjoy each other company, regardless of the activity?

6. Are you able to accept the other person when he or she is not in his or her best physical condition or appearance?

7. Are you willing to spend time with other person even without having sex?

8. Do you have mutual respect for the other person?

These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself to solve the dilemma in you. Lust and love are just seperated by a very thin line. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to tell the difference in order to save you from wasting your time persuing relationship that is destined to fail.

Love Life : Romance and Heartbreak

Thousand of papers have been written about romance - what is romance , what is not romance , how does one fall in love and what happen in love and so on. But ask anybody who has been in love and they tell you that nothing can define falling in love. It is a feeling so different that no comparison can be ever made. Read this - " I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY CALL IT HEARTBREAK. IT FEELS LIKE EVERY OTHER PARTS OF MY BODY IS BROKEN TOO ". - Missy Altijd. This quote tells you a lot about what happen after love is lost.

If love is supreme joy, heartbreak is supreme pain!! Lamartine said that sometimes, when a person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. Yes, this is precisely happen during heartbreak. Stelle Atwater said that - " you flew off with the wings of my heart and leave me flightless" . Recent research finding suggest that heartbreak can damage your physical heart, therefore it is not something only imagined, but the pain really occurs intensely.

Sadness flies away on the wing of time. Does time that is called a great healer really mend sadness of heartbreak? In some cases it may do that, otherwise the pain is lifelong. It just does not go away despite therapy. The pain is directly proportional to the intensity of love. if your feeling of love are very intense, the pain will be equally or more intense when the love is lost.

What is way out of not getting hurt in love? We all learned in our childhood that fire can hurt us and we keep away from that. For most who are hurt in love, it becomes difficult of falling in love again. They keep away from it. This is probably the best solution for everyone who is yet to fall in love. Otherwise fall in love and experience the Passion and hope that you will not get heartbroken. Try to keep this advice and article in your mind.