Monday, May 25, 2009

The Good Side Part 1 : finding True love

Finding true love is important. Having someone in your life that you felt is meant to be there,person you can enjoy your time with and share your feeling is a rare thing that not everyone gets to experience in their life. That's why we used to heard one says " True love is like a ghost " . Many talk and know about it but never see it . But you are different. You can get to have a special bond when u know what to do in order to find true love.

One of that thing you have to remember is that you have to really believe that not only this can be done, but have the ability to do it yourself. You can attract what you want in your life. Getting out and meet new people is an important part of the process. And order to do this, you have to have self-confidence to know what you are worthy of finding a relationship that makes you feel like you have found your true love.

You have to know what you are able to attract the kind of person you are looking for, but you also have to be open to this as well. If you do found that person and do not allowed yourself to be open, you will not experience the results you want to have.

Have faith and confidence in yourself and allow yourself to be open to the idea of finding true love. It can and will happen and letting yourself be open to the idea of this is the start.


  1. but the question is, does true love lasts forever?

  2. the answer is,..i dont know..maybe or maybe not..both of it might be the thing for sure..there is true love